(POSTPUNK) After their self titled debut album and a vinyl single called »Emphasis« DRAMAMINE are back to present their newest effort entitled »GREEN HORSE«. Even on their first record they had already found their very own sound, but still they grew more mature on the single that followed. To the surprise of the listener this respectable development now gains a new quality as these mid-twens are taking several steps forward in many different directions at the same time.

»GREEN HORSE« is a collection of eleven pieces that prove both the band’s progressive thinking and their awareness of history; the songs bring together noise and pop without ever making one half seem like a foreign body – the symbiosis sounds completely natural.

The most notable development – besides the distinct enlargement that went along with the adding of a second guitar – can be found in the vocals: A specific quality of DRAMAMINE always used to be the interaction of the instruments and the overall sound that was always more than the sum of the parts. Now their singer Marcel Feige has reinvented his singing completely and finds his space in the band’s very own sound.

Overall, the songs developed more different directions. You’ll find the old Dramamine hectic, the drive and the passion but also a noisier and more experimental attempt. There are even meditative moments, combined with   repetitive drum-rhythms and melodic soundscapes.

The story behind the recording process is probably as exciting as the musical progression: The band took over an old factory building in the middle of nowhere for ten days to record with their favourite producer Christoph Bartelt. In the documented resonance of the factory, captured with a whole battalion of room microphones, you can hear the largeness of the hall in which the sound could unfold freely.

Matured, but not aged – DRAMAMINE created a record that restores the grandeur of black vinyl.

Dramamine – Green Horse LP/digital