Project Description

(NOISEROCK) I am not a big fan of namedropping in reviews or band infos, but in this case two names literally pop in your mind: Jesus Lizard and Melvins, precisely: „Goat“ and „Bullhead“. Don’t get me wrong – this is not a „cover-record“ which cannot cope with the originals. Noem are Noem, and Noem’s members are deeply routed in germanys Punk/Hardcore Szene for years. Herpes, Press Gang, Kadavar… from Punk to total nihilism to 70ies-Rock – all kinds of old styles come together in this noiserock-masterpiece.

First of all: NOE M are pissed! The drummer ist a butcher, the guitarplayer a dentist, the bassplayer works in constructions and the singer has absolutely no fun in life and no buisness workig with the other three guys. „Das ist Noise-Rock, das sind NOEM aus Berlin!“ screams the promoter through the already sticky club. If you say this is kinda „retro“ and because of this fact total boring, let me say to you that since 20 years no one ever did this kind of sound so brilliant and to the point as NOEM do it on „Panzer“.

Dunno what I like most: the hectic drum precicion with its direct sound, as if recorded in a broom closet, the hammering bass or the squeaking guitars. Or maybe it’s the singer, who sounds a little insane and bored at the same time. In all this madness there is one „popsong“ on „Panzer“ called „The hidden eye“ – but don’t let the two and a half minutes fool you! I bet this happend accidentially, cause it’s the only little island of harmony you’ll find there. The core of it all is pressure and noise and the groove of the music. Astonishing! There a little connections to germany’s one and only Party Diktator who were – if i recollect correctly – one of few german outfits who could compete with the typical early 80ies AmRep Sound. Besides all the old-school reminiscences it’s nice to notice, that „Panzer“ sounds very fresh and 2011 with it’s distincite design! Herr Neumann (Pendikel)