(PUNK) Over driving drums, distorted bass lines and noisy guitars, SEX BEAT is the last snotty farewell to a generation going down the drain.

A collective of ex-scensters, ex-models and veterans of the punk scene who have come together to complain: about personal miseries, political crises and the dysfunctionality of modern society.

The former teenage angst has finally turned into the certainty that the life of a mid-thirtysomething is nothing but a monotonous string of disappointments.It sounds wild and raw like the very early punk classics from New York and Washington D.C., but at the same time casual and ironic like the post-hardcore of the 90s.

In the end, SEX BEAT unleash an unbridled fury, original songwriting, blunt cynicism and an energetic live show. Peeps of Surf Nazis Must Die, Herpes, Heat, UV Glaze, Aufrichtiges Zappa and tons of other bands. Bandpic by Victor Puigcerver

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