(POSTPUNK/80s) KARIES is one of a handfull of die hard This Charming Man fossils. They started as a quartet, with mighty Kevin Kuhn on drums and developed over the last few years into a different, more experimental like trio – with Paul from HUMAN ABFALL filling the drum part now. the band emerged form their early neo-Stuttgart Die Nerven like sound to a hybrid of postpunk-ish guitars and modern electronical influences – this metamorphosis started with the Release of 2018 Album Alice. FFO: Abwärts, All diese Gewalt, Die Nerven, Culk


Seid umschlungen, Millionen (2014) – Es geht sich aus (2016) – Karies ep (2016) – Alice (2018) split 12″ with NUAGE & das Bassorchester (2022)

“Alice”-Review auf spex.de

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