(INDIE) The group Messer lives in Münster (Germany). The demo tape and the single has already hit some waves. First associations are two german Postpunk 80s Icons – Blumfeld (very early) and Fehlfarben (the first record). Some may feel reminiscent to the voice of Rio Reiser and sometimes you hear slight ideas of die Kolossale Jugend. Messer are brittle, clank, mysterious, shattered and nevertheless the record spins tremendously. The Beats are jagged, the Bass drives the herd uncompromisingly forward. Melodic, but always tight.

At times the guitar seems to escape into delay- and noise-sounds. At this point you realize that there is another pillar to the sound of Messer than “just” (German) Post-Punk of 80’s/90’s: Neu! or Can can be found here as well. But it is almost ever dark within Messer,  improvisation is never hippiesk, but always delirium-dreamlike and monotone – expressionists at work. Therefore: „The artist wants to display his experience for the viewer“(Wikipedia). Nervous doubts as an outline, now and then filled with mysterious fluffyness, pictorially, dark lyrics all formed into a perfect blade. This can be found in the kitchen drawer or on your neck.

I think of opium, the “Weimarer Republik”, the surrealists that wanted to bring down all of civil society

Insomnia, rejection, distance, dourness, being a misfit. Sometimes it sounds very tired by repetition, then again very angry. Morbid fascination on depression. Im Schwindel.

Messer sing about „die Wut, die mich zerfrisst, weil das Leben eine Lüge ist“. And because real, not staged rage these days has become a rare thing in music, I predict: This band will divide opinions. One half will think it’s great what these guys do, the other half has no idea what this is about. And so I say: Bravo!« – Herr Neumann

Im Schwindel LP/CD

Die Unsichtbaren CD

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