Hailing from Argentina but currently residing in Los Angeles, THE CROOKED WHISPERS wasted no time in unleashing their first record, the full-length Satanic Melodies. Aptly titled, Satanic Melodies is a prime slice of ghoulishly fun doom/stoner/sludge. And while that genre delineation is a pretty wide one, it only serves to underline how free (and FUN) the power-trio are in their approach, always with an emphasis on rocking out and (more so) that throwback Satanic Panic style suitable for video nasties so long ago. And perhaps best of all, at a lean ‘n’ mean half-hour, Satanic Melodies doesn’t overstay its welcome – only compelling the listener to press the “play” time and time again.

Duty-bound to spread this Satanic Panic far and wide, HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS will be releasing Satanic Melodies on luxury picture-vinyl format, with a die-cut sleeve to show off the lurid contents that await, and remastered for more fucking EVIL!

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