Closet Disco Queen – s/t LP/CD


Pressing Info: 250x orange, 333x green (TCM exclusive) vinyl

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“70’s instrumental psycheledic kraut rock’n’roll progressive beats for your ass to shake and your shoes to burn.”

Irrer Stuff aus der Schweiz! TCM released eine ltd. Version (333 green wax – exclusive at TCM) des Debuts der beiden Coilgun Jungs! Denkt an Russian Circles, meets Oxxes meets einen wilden Instrumental-Gitarren-Wizard!

Recorded live at Bikini Test, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH by Jona Nido and Luc Hess
Mixed by Raphale Bovey at MyRoom Studio, Lausanne, CH
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Magnus Lindberg Productions, Stockholm, SWE

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This Charming Man Records is an independent record label from Muenster/Germany.

We work with Cargo Records Germany, Sonic Rendevouz (NL/BE), Day After, Cobraside (US), Code 7 (UK), Season Of Mist (FR) and Green Hell Records as our distribution/wholesale partners.
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