(SCI-FI-DELIC-ROCK) I am happy to welcome a very talented band from Leipzig to the TCM family. Warm Graves are a three-piece Sci-Fi-delic-Rockband whose members, originally from theUS, Italy and Germany, came together in Leipzig in 2012.With their debut “Ships will come”,Warm Graves present a concept album that is in terms of content closelyrelated to dystopic Sci-Fi literature.

The band man ages to create a surreal cosmos with a somnambulistic atmosphere that is supported by impulsive, repetitive rhythms while a distant choir takes over the role of the lead vocals. “Ships will come”, an album that is consciously putting the collective into focus, can be seen as an opposition to today’s times where almost every product is addressed to the person as an individual. The result: Seven songs that are not only related in terms of content but are also linked to each other through long cross fades and togetherdevelop the character of a soundtrack.

The musical references are far-reaching: From the cool mood of the Cave rock bands to the grandiloquence of an Arcade Fire Song or the weirdness of the Flaming Lips. Warm Graves manage to combine these elements in a harmonious way. Sometimes it even resembles the chants of a sect – with a beat that makes you think of NEU! Sacred Bones would be very amused! Ha ha! Anyway – even though they just recently founded the band, they already played a lot of shows like various club shows with Crystal Stilts and The Soft Moon in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany. They have supported Efterklang and Moonface as well. All these shows have one thing in common – they left the audience speechless…


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