(DOOM) Wall, or how much pathos can you take? And? How much can you endure? I hope a lot, because the five guys from Cologne / Bonn take the big guns. Every second you can hear the experience of the five, since the nineties the guys are already active in the German Hardcore scene. Ingenious, precise and well calculated.

Wall is able to unite moods that are usually do not understand. Wall is the Marriage proposal with an axe behind the back, ready immediately to strike after the bride kiss – somehow schizophrenic, sugar sweet on one side and at the same time extremely heavy. Wall is destruction and new beginning, Alpha and Omega. Each riff wants to crush you, almost unbearable to lift on your own, every beat of the percussion presses you down on the floor, until the Singing initiates salvation, the light at the end of the tunnel. Wall celebrates Doom Slow-motion like Floor in its purest essence, more poppy then the Foo Fighters however 1000x more brutal.

That’s why they are called Wall like Wall-Of-Sound, ultra heavy and yet packed with melodies that even your mommy would love. Widescreen-Doom, the V2 rocket in the league of the Heavyweights, but filled with colorful flowers and striped candy instead of live ammunition. The songs bathe the listener, the melodies of the guitars are like a cotton candy-storm, a raging river of honey, not quickly, but slowly and thick as lava.

Perched above is the singing, so clear and majestic, not like barking, as so often in this Genre. Only the low end reminiscents of genre-brutality and literally pushes you out of the room, punches you to the ground.

And the already mentioned pathos? What often bears a negatively connotation is a great stylistic device within Wall and can only be perceived as positive.

Theatrical, a large Staging – not intimate play but opera, not understatement but Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen in one. Apocalypse now!

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