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100x white (SOLD OUT), 400x black
All copies come with thick die-cut & screenprinted cardboard cover and printed inner sleeves!

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WALL are five dudes from cologne/bonn are a v2 rocket filled with pink flowers, are a cotton candy thunderstorm, bringing a war ensemble full of melody and heavyness. Sounding like 13 tons of candy falling on your cranium from a mile-high tower crane during a solar eclipse. think of God Flesh, Jesu and the mighty Floor. yes, you’re right – it is damn massive!

I’m really into this stuff, and hope I’ll see these nice folks again when they hit town. And I sure wish them the best of luck for this new release, which is just awesome in my opinion. Saying this, I haven’t even heard the final mix of this yet. But these songs just keep growing on you, they make me feel the energy these guys deliver. Enough said…. – Stef B.SON

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