Hexis – Exstirpo / Exsorbeo 6″ (Woooaaarg)


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Exclusive* 6inch record for HEXIS 10 years anniversary.
Two brand new songs,
300g cover with 3mm spine and inside print,
250g insert,
Black innersleeve

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“Denmark’s Hexis have returned with a new recording which continues the mixture of post black, sludge metal and hardcore from their previous releases and this is a review of their 2020 ep “Exstirpo/Exsorbeo” which will be released in November by Wooaaargh.
A very dark yet heavy sound starts off the ep along with some grim black metal screams a few seconds later. Elements of hardcore can also be heard in the mid tempo sections of the music while the slower sections of the music also mixes in the heaviness of sludge metal and both of the songs are very short in length as well as adding in some touches of post metal and all of the music also sticks to a heavier direction.
On this recording Hexis remains true to the mixture of post black, sludge metal and hardcore that they have established on their previous releases. The production sounds very dark and raw while the lyrics cover nihilism and abstract thought themes.
In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Hexis and if you are a fan of post black, sludge metal and hardcore, you should check out this ep. ” http://occultblackmetalzine.blogspot.com

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