Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger col.LP


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Repress aus yellow see through wax mit weissen haze!

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Und noch ein DOPETHRONE Repress, diesmal das aktuelle Album “Transcanadian Anger”, wiedermals auf TOTEM CAT Records!

Und hier noch ein kleiner Auszug aus dem Review von Steve OOTS: “…There are a few psychedelic and progressive sounds heard on the album that I really enjoyed. As it shows the band have matured into one of the most dependable and recognisable bands within the world of Doom/Sludge Metal. The production is perhaps what makes this album. As the album sounds so brutally heavy from the start. You can feel the full force of Dopethrone coming at you from all angles and it’s impossible to ignore. Especially on the epic last song – Miserabilist. A slightly depressing number with a few weedian influences hidden amongst the dark brooding sludge based grooves.

The line-up may have changed recently. However that hasn’t stopped Dopethrone for constantly releasing great albums and Transcanadian Anger maybe their best album to date.” Outlaw of the Sun

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