Devil’s witches highly anticipated sophomore album ‘In All Her Forms’ will be available to pre-order from July 9th.

The 12 album tracks are woven within a thematic quadrant focusing on the four generating themes of ‘Maiden, Mistress, Mother, Matriarch’ respectively, each creating a triplet quarter of the diegesis.

1. L’image
2. Successive Slidings of Pleasure
3. Blood of the Witch

4. Pussycat in a Woman’s Skin
5. Space Age Sorceress
6. Hunting Dracul

7. Shadows in the Mirror
8. Magic Mama
9. Smoke & Sorcery

10. Queen of Wands
11. Tides upon Jupiter
12. Hymn for the Supervixen

Each of the quarters of the album contain their own narrative that ties into the one advancing and the one preceding which then loops back to the beginning ad infinitum to create a story that is both self contained and expansive. As you press deeper into the lyrics and poetry there are mise en abymes and other narrative mysteries to be discovered. ‘In All Her Forms’ is the evolution of the traditional concept album into something much more multi-faceted and nouveau.

There is music, poetry, thunderous doomy riffs, haunting ballads, expressive piano instrumental and all illustrated with the beautiful album photography shot on location in the Holy Island by music and fashion photographer Ian West.

The album will be available in four vinyl editions each corresponding to a generating theme from the album in the following colours ‘Maiden – Red’ ‘Mistress – Black’ ‘Mother – Green’ and ‘Matriarch – Gold’

‘In All Her Forms’ is available to pre-order from July 9th at the Majestic Mountain Records big cartel and the Devil’s Witches Charlie Company big cartel.


Maiden Edition (Solid red+black marbled)
– Full colour gatefold
– 10mm spine.
– 2xLP 180g heavyweight vinyl
– 2x Black polylined inner sleeve
– 1x 8-pages photo/lyric booklet