(HARDCORE) “Still Hardcore after all these years” the show announcement read. The Trainwreck guys – back then embarking on the first of many weekenders and tours to follow – surely snickered about that line because, after all, the band members were all still in their mid-twenties. Fast forward some years down the line that description might hold more relevance now than it did back then. So whatever you want to call Trainwreck, they´re certainly not the new kids on the block anymore (but often rather the opposite). However, indeed Trainwreck´s music in a nutshell can still be described as hardcore.

Although their version of hardcore modified a bit over the years, nowadays also integrating more “classical” song-structures and melodic elements into their energetic musical potpourri. You´ll find heavy mosh-parts next to gallopping d-beat riffs leading up to more indie-esque breakdowns all underlined with melodies courtesy of a second guitar.

To truely understand Trainwreck though, it´s best to witness a concert of theirs: It´s a whirlwind of sweat and a hell of a lot of noise, an experience that has been compared to standing in front of a starting aircraft turbine (or under less favorable conditions: a vaccum cleaner). Since stepping onto the scene in 2005 (after the demise of previous bands Eaves and Engrave) their live performances have taken them numerous times all across Europe, up and down the west- and east-coast of the USA as well as to Japan.

2014 will see Trainwreck hit european roads again, this time in support of a new full length record: Three years after Trainwreck´s “if there´s light, it will find you” ep, the band will release “old departures, new beginnings” on record labels This Charming Man and Rockstar Records. pic by Chris Kock – diegoldenenhor.de

Trainwreck on TCM