(Posthardcore/Emo) these three fellas of the outfit Watching Tides are originally from up north east germany and live now – quelle surprise! – in berlin. “We’ve Been So Close – Yet So Alone”, recorded 2020 in Hannover at Tiny Pond, is the first real full length after releasing a five song 12″ in 2018 on Miss The Stars Records.

The new songs are full of passion and ripe songwriting – topics like origin, human connections, skeletons in ones closets, strange and annoying people you once knew. Reflections of old and new friendships, of political and ethical superficiality, of faked empathy and loss of selfreflextion. allover a super personal and intimate piece of music.

What are my fears, my unsecuritys and how do they interact with expectations and my longing for harmony? I reccon to check the new great record and see for yourself…

FFO: The Tidal Sleep, Oakhands, Youth, Boneflower, Armor For Sleep & Citizen