(POSTROCK) With roots in americana, stoner metal and post-rock, Bask is turning out their own brand of doom. Psychedelic, heavy, and scenic songs weave through sections of driving riffs, thundering percussion, loose grooves and glimmering guitar. All topped with vocals that conjure spirits of old country crooners.

“Bask are a young band from North Carolina that play a highly original blend of Americana, country, post-rock and stoner/doom metal. American Hollow is the band’s debut on The Path Less Traveled Records and, without a doubt, I can say it is one of the most unique records I’ve come across in years. “High Mountain Pass” is an energetic album opener, starting with a half-time shuffle that breaks into a pretty straight-forward stoner rock groove, similar to some of the less aggressive tunes by Red Fang.

The vocals have a pretty noticeable twang to them, giving the music a distinctly country vibe, though with a bit more power and volume than anything you’ll hear on a modern country record. The vocals are a strong point, to be sure, but the music they’re soaring over is just as powerful; jangly guitars, low rumbly bass, and big drums that are pretty reminiscent of the tone John Bonham laid down in classic Led Zeppelin, though with a little more dynamics.

The first track might be a little misleading though, as the rest of the album has an almost dreamlike feel to them, particularly on the slower songs like ”American Hollow” and “A Man’s Worth,” both of which have a melancholy country-like feel to them. “American Hollow” in particular has a post-rock, indie rock vibe mixed in, almost like Band Of Horses, except Bask go into a bit heavier territory, whereas Band Of Horses obviously have a more radio-friendly vibe.”

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