Pripjat – Sons of Tschernobyl LP/digital


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100x clear yellow with black haze, 400x black

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Zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl! Das Thrash Meisterwerk “Sons Of Tschernobyl” der Kölner PRIPJAT!

“The song-material on this record is strong enough to actually fit on a KREATOR record!” – DEAF FOREVER –

“On their debut PRIPJAT have delivered a superb Thrash-MetalBlast!” – (8/10) –

“The mostly super-fast songs mixed with tastefully placed breaks and well-made refrains make it impossible not to sing along.” – Zyphyr’s Odem (9/10) –

“The songs go down on the listener in a raw and unpolished manner while still remaining forceful and aggressive.” – (8/10) –

“You can hear the joy of playing of PRIPJAT in every song and as an experienced listener you notice the lifeblood they put into their music.” (12/15) –

“These guys from Cologne bring out a refreshingly great Thrash album, having great variety.” – (9/10)

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clear yellow with black haze, black, digital download

This Charming Man Records is an independent record label from Muenster/Germany.

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