This is the debut from Berlin’s KADAVAR – evil soaked 70s rock

One thing is clear, it is impossible to overhear the Black Sabbath influence. Of course the impact of other great and important bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Witchfinder General can also be heard in the music of this band. This can make you forget that you are actually listening to a contemporary trio from Berlin.

Reading this you could get the impression, that listening to KADAVAR’s music could get boring quite fast, due to the fact that we’ve heard this kind of music before. The good thing about their music is that the sound is converted in such way that the audience notices that blood, sweat and tears have been shed during the process. Music like this can only be played on such high level if one has been through the rough shit that live brings with it sometimes. As an audience we are automatically faced with long straight hair, minimum one mustache, a lot of rings on both hands, fur collars and flared trousers.

The Ludwig- Drum set sounds amazingly dry, well it is a Ludwig. Bass and Guitar stand on either side of the stage, building a panorama view, which is great fun over headphones. On the left you get Grease, on the right Fuzz, everything pounds and booms, there’s the double space vocals. It’s easy to be blown away. Superb.
The trio is a well attuned team that sing of Wizzards, Lucifer and of course Mountains. I don’t quite understand how someone can be so deep into a matter but i like it. The guys names are Lindemann, Mammut, and Tiger. I’m witless!

For 70′s hardrockfans this vinyl is a complete revelation, for all rockfans, that haven’t dared to advance into the 70′s stuff, this is a good field research. For me, this record is simply mega entertaining. A record that is stuffed with skill and know-how. You can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can roll it!


1st press: 100 copies white, 200 copies red, 400 copies black wax – SOLD OUT
2nd press: 300 copies green wax – SOLD OUT
3rd press: 1000 copies black wax – SOLD OUT
4th press: 1000 copies purple wax – SOLD OUT
5th press: 1000 copies milky white wax – SOLD OUT
6th press: 1000 copies yellow wax – SOLD OUT
7th press: 1000 copies darkblue with black swirls – SOLD OUT
8th press: 1000 copies white/black marbled with Gatefoldsleeve – SOLD OUT
9th press: 1500 copies red/clear marbled – 500 copies green/blue with Gatefoldsleeve – SOLD OUT
10th press: 1000 milky wax with Gatefoldsleeve – SOLD OUT
11th press: 1000 white/black marbled with Gatefoldsleeve – SOLD OUT
12th press: 1000 red see through with black haze with Gatefoldsleeve – SOLD OUT
13th press: 1500 copies grey marbled – all copies from now on w/ alternate Cover – SOLD OUT
14th press: 800 copies clear with red haze – SOLD OUT
15th press: 1000 copies clear with yellow haze – SOLD OUT
16th press: 1000 copies clear with black haze – SOLD OUT
17th press: 1000 copies pinkish red – SOLD OUT
18th press: 1000 gold Vinyl – SOLD OUT
19th press: 1000 türquise Vinyl – SOLD OUT
20th press: 1000 mustard/black/reddish marble – SOLD OUT
21st press: 1000 clear w/ white smoke – SOLD OUT