Fistula -Shape Of Doom To Cumm))) col.LP (Totem Cat)


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Ein absolutes fieses Miststück ist “Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))” von FISTULA

“The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))” is dripping with sardonic hatred for scenesters and fad chasers, scrapping rusty barbed wire across the speakers as if to wound those who listen. They bring the noise, the hate, and will tell you to your face if there’s even a hint at being a douchebag. 

There is the sludge genre, and then there are bands that are sludge. One such band, and the only redeeming quality outside sports, is Ohio based Fistula. Known less for coming from the gutter than just simply crashing on its couch all the time, Fistula simply drips with the scuzziest noise outside a grindcore club. They bring the noise, the hate, and will tell you to your face if there’s even a hint at being a douchebag (oh track one, “Serial Vapist”, you scamp!); and to make matters worse, they just dropped a huge slab of greasy, queasy fuzz onto the scene: ‘The Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))‘! Fistula has absolutely nailed it home with “The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))”, bringing with them an outlet for the stupidity running rampant nowadays. This album just further cements them as a band to be reckoned with, and one you should actively seek out and support, if they are spreading their filth, filthy sound out near you.SLUDGELORD

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