(DOOM) Started in late ’12, the guys didn’t take long to record their first Longplay and releasing it on their own as limited CD (100 copies made). One of these CD found its way to my desk and i was immediately blown away. The play a well tempered mix of Baroness and Kylesa, to keep it simple they rock like hell. No effects used on the guitar, a hammering drumset and a deep punching bass plus female/male singing. that’s pretty much the trick!

„Hysteria the third album from Sludge riffsters The Moth sees the band carry on their distorted journey. More progressive and more daring than previous albums. The album contains moments of dark lyrics spliced with their trademark bass heavy sludge/doom sounds. The dual vocals from Cecile and Freden are full-on and confident as ever. The album has moments of crust, punk and even thrash metal. It’s hard to pick a standout track as The Moth have created perhaps their most complete album to date. Though I say that with every album they’ve released so far. Take my word for it and believe that HYSTERIA is one to go completely crazy over.“ Steve Howe – Outlaws Of The Sun

“Like moths to flames this trance-like doom will draw you close.” Metal Hammer (UK)

“Bass player Cécile has a rasping husky voice that gets under your skin – in a good way – while Freden’s razor sharp guitar licks almost slice your eyebrows off.” Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

“THE MOTH are able to keep the focus on their music, which, in all honesty, is so strong on its own that the band could survive as an instrumental act. The album hits like a ton of bricks. (…) THE MOTH is bound to explode globally and will (hopefully) find themselves thrashing across the world.”  RideWithTheDevil.Blogspot (USA)“

These brilliant Sludge Rockers will leave you breathless until this excellent album is finally over. Excellent and highly recommended.” The Sludgelord (UK)


The Moth on TCM