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Project Description

(70s HARDROCK ) The five piece rockoutfit Heat from berlin are out to rock hard. Sounds cheesy, but pretty much hits the nail on its head! Their first record was a heavy-blues driven ride through the 70s and  with their new stuff, they take big step further into the vaults of old heavy metal and add some new ingredients to their already rocking roots.

The new songs are filled with dust-dry twin leads, some super catchy vocal parts (a brillant singer btw.!), and some straight forward and marching drums. And no, their are not the 564th Black Sabbath rip-off. Heat combine the best parts of 70s rock with a slight touch of the first wave of NWOBHM, early german hardrock and progrock a la Scorpions, a good piece of Witchcraft and some great old US Rock like Steppenwolfand early Wishbone Ash! All this stuff turns out super melodic and extreme catchy!


“…everything flows with a natural grace as if the band are writing intuitively through telepathic jam sessions.” (www.roadburn.com)

“Lately there is a flood of bands with the same mentality but HEAT really stands out as it captures exactly the spirit of the best era of Rock and probably the artistic integrity that made such bands famous in the first place.” (www.drdoomslair.com)

“This isn’t the kind of album that inspires me to think, it’s the kind of album that inspires me to stomp around the house like a 30 year old idiot and Rawk Out.” (www.theparanoidmusicblog.blogspot.de)

“HEAT are more than able to match up to the likes of Witchcraft and Graveyard.” (www.thesleepingshaman.com)


„Night Trouble“ LP/CD/digital

„Night Trouble“-Review auf musikreviews.de

This Charming Man Records is an independent record label from Muenster/Germany. We work with Cargo Records Germany, Sonic Rendevouz (NL/BE), Day After, Cobraside (US), Code 7 (UK), Season Of Mist (FR) and Green Hell Records as our distribution/wholesale partners.
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