On NEORITEs sophomore second album “Banner of Defeat” Neorite offer their heaviest and bleakest side so far and just hereby find their very own and distinctive style of metal. Equipped with the punch of classic Sepultura and a sense for sinister melodies of the deadly kind as with Dissection and Death, the clean vocals are towering above it all, sometimes emotional as Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost), sometimes vigorous as Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost). Though being marginalized here in favor of a crushing heaviness, the alt rock influences of the debut album merge in partly complex song structures and provide them with a catchiness hard to elude. On “Banner of Defeat”, Neorite create their own epic and dark version of doom-infested thrash metal, never daunted by genre barriers.

Est. in 2016 in Münster/ Germany NEORITE released their first full-length album “Temple Of The New” via This Charming Man Records on May 31 2019. By debut standards, this album distinctly reveals the whole range of Neorite’s musical capacity and hints at the band’s development potential on the albums to come already.

While peering more eccentric rock song arrangements of artists like Blue Öyster Cult or older The Sword, Neorite never willingly leave the path of catchiness in the spirit of Paradise Lost, Baroness or Alice In Chains. Adding dabs of Candlemass-esque epics and some of Type O Negative’s gloom here and there, these doom elements are being contrasted by eruptions of tremolo picking and even blast beats, reminiscent of 90’s Swedish black metal outfits and hardcore-infected thrash metal of Carnivore and more recent Slayer.