(80s POSTPUNK) If you’re mainly grown up in 80s, you probably dug all the minimal Indie- and Postpunk-Stuff. Me for instance, was a huge Depeche Mode and Smiths fan, the love for Joy Division developed roundabout 10 Years later, as i discovered all the great US gems like Wipers and such… the guys from Criminal Body were not even a thought in their parents minds in that time but, thank god, are quite imaginable of how they would have done things back then.

we hab a whole bunch of bands riding the 80s postpunk wave for quite a while, i know, so don’t brag about this, ok? if it’s good, it’s good, alright? that’s what i thought as i listened to these songs. three guys, great tunes.

I know these DIY-mongers for quite a while, and attention – fatherly speaking – watched them grow, and become musically ripe and successful with their old bands. we were not always on the same page when it came to music ideas, “strategies” if you want to call it so, but i always admired their will to go their way, to put as much time in a project as it needs to have to become great.

A lot of passion, thats what these guys are. a pain in the ass sometimes, but always on the lookout for best come out. the easy ways would have been to do everything like it was on the record before but they are not up for easy (…you will not hear a single similarity to their old bands).

anyways: these five songs take me back to my 16th birthday, or the countless hours doing kickflips with my skate buddies, or all the the other great moments i had back in the days. hope they do this or at least a thousand different great things with you.

Criminal Body – s/t LP/Tape/digital

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