“This album gets better with every listen, as more and more tracks become memorable and stick with you.” (Ox Fanzine)

“In 1994, someone told me that guitar music was dead. I’m thrilled that, even after thirty years, there are still such fantastic new bands.” (Jan Müller, Tocotronic / Reflektor)

“A second band with the power of Velcros will be hard to find this year. Their punk is light-footed, their melodies hit the mark” (VISIONS)

“Incredibly good melodies, harmonies and harmony changes, catchy songs, just the right amount of dirt and pressure and that melancholy undertone.” (Green Hell)

“With a powerful 90s edge and yet anything but a zeitgeist copy, ‘Strange News From the Vault’ serves up hits in large quantities.” (Beatblogger)