After the remarkable success of their 2016 debut album, German duo Trautonist returns by pushing the borders of Post-Black Metal another step forward – resulting in a synergistic impact of picturesque Shoegaze and furious Black Metal, recorded on 7 tracks with a total playtime of 41 minutes.
As the title suggests, the theme of the album is ember – a symbolism for intrinsic personal impulses that define what we are.

FIRE AND EMBER describes the process of the alienation in certain social relationships, musically representing the full dynamics of this process with dreamy soundscapes and heavy breakdowns.

SMOKE AND EMBER is a take on the stimulation and enhancement of one’s impetus and creativity through narcotics, appearing in a heavy and drifty outfit while being attended by Katharinas ghostly vocals.

THE GARDEN comes breezily, diving deeper into shoegaze, until the decelerating sets in; the inner garden becomes able to grow.

Once more mixed and mastered by Markus Siegenhort (Lantlôs), this record shows that Trautonist found their place but are not afraid to leave the trodden paths. The impressive artwork has been designed by Marcela Bolívar.

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