Farewell Peter…
mit dieser Irrsinns-Comp mit 104 Songs!!! wird dem Erbe des in einem Unfall verstorbenen Label Betreibers Peter Eichhorn ein angemessener Tribut gezollt! Checkt mal den Bandcampplayer, da kann man alles Songs hören! Mit dabei ist das Who is Who der Garagenfraktion, aus Europa und den Staaten/Kanada… take a look:

AC4, Allvaret, Angry Angles, Anna & the Psychomen, Big Dick, Birthday Suits, Black& Whites, Black Time, Brat Farrar, Cave Curse, CitySweethearts, Cold Callers, Das Pussyhound, Dean Dirg (official), Deletions, Demon’s Claws, Der Faden, Digger & The Pussycats, Digital Leather, Doctor Scientist, Drugstop, Gen Null, Ghetto Ways, Glow Kit, Grupo Sub-1, Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones, Impo & the Tents, Jay Reatard, Jeffrey Novak, Kamikaze Trio, Los Raw Gospels, Mean Jeans, Mind Controls, Miscalculations, Modern Pets, NEEDLES//PINS, Nervous Talk, New York Wannabes, Nightwatchers, No Problem, Outtacontroller, PAST, Poppets, Primitive Hearts, Regulations, Retainers, Russian Roulettes, Saccharine Souvenirs, Sedatives, SGNLS, Sonic Avenues, Spent Flesh, Statues, Strange Attractor, Steve Adamyk BAND, Sudden Walks, Svart Katt, Telecult, Teledrome, The Bad Doctors, The Caged Animal, The Dagger Eyes, The Exit, The Fun-Funs, The Maladro!ts, The Manikins, The Panic Beats, The Playmobils, The Ulcers, The Hands, The Toyotas, Trash Knife, Uranium Comeback, Vicious Cycle, VIDEODROME, Voight-Kampff, WAR BABY, Warm Toy Machine, We Live In Trenches, the White Wires, Wrong Hole, Zebrassieres