welcome SLANDER TONGUE to the big league! 70s rock stalwarts roll over the never-finished-Berlin-city-highway with the windows-down album “Monochrome”. This is aggro power pop, punk with pop sensibilities all in a full guitar driven 70´s ballroom blitz. Nowhere else to go when they hit the stage or the dj pulpits. SLANDER TONGUE smell a great rocknroll party spree like sharks blood in the ocean. If you would have to nominate someone in town to garage and power pop band jeapardy master class, no question, this would be them. The band has previous records on garage notorious no-good ALIEN SNATCH! approved gin palaces like SLOVENLY, BACHELOR or WILD WAX. Warm up with the JOOKS “Different Class or “That´s fine”. Kick in with TED MULRY GANG “You’ve Got It”. The band is iconic Automatic Axel on lead vocals and guitar, Klaus on lead guitar, Chico M on bass and JohnBoyAdonis, the KING KHAN & SUPERSENSITIVE SHRINES stone-age pounding drummer. Recorded and mixed purely analog by Smail Shock (SHOCKS) in late 2022, consequently analog mastered from the tapes by Nene Baratto & A-Hule-Hule. Finally full anolog cut at LATHESVILLE, Berlin. The wax is as loud as an original 70´s production, hands down.Backing vocals by Jeff Clark (DEMON’S CLAWS), guest musicians bringin´piano and powder, many street girls handclaps & harmonies and a lots of broken glass.

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