15 Shows in a Cellar – Louis Jucker, Bands and Friends – Live at THBBC / Cully Jazz Festival 2018


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comes in 5mm spine sleeve with fully printed inner sleeves

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Louis Jucker was invited to play 15 shows in five nights at the Cully Jazz Festival (CH), a festival taking place in the whole city of Cully. Gigi and Nico – owners of the vault called “THBBC” (standing for “Thousand Blue Bottles Club”) – decided to give Louis Jucker the residency which had seen The Young Gods, Raphaël Calpini or Simon Gerber Trio in the previous years. Louis invited all his bands and friends and recorded all 15 shows. He selected and mixed 18 tracks and released this live album in the shape of a beautiful, lo-fi and touching 2xLP.

recorded live at THBBC, Cully Jazz Festival, 13,14,19,20,21.04.2018 by David Ashby & Gaspar Pahud
Mixed on Revox tapes by Louis Jucker
Mastering by Cyril Meysson

01 – Gravels [Louis Jucker & Charlie Bernath] – Guidelines
02 – Gravels [Louis Jucker & Charlie Bernath] – First Episode
03 – Louis Jucker & Dragos Tara – We will touch Down
04 – We lived a mountain
05 – Speech
06 – Louis Jucker & Luc Hess & Jona Nido – A Simple Song
07 – Louis Jucker & Donatien Thiévent – Interlude
08 – Coilguns – Blackboxing
09 – Louis Jucker & Louis Schild – Musik aus Uthlank 1/2
10 – The Evil Owl
11 – Kunz – Chengdu
12 – Merry Dancers
13 – Louis Jucker & Meysson/Loubatière – Growing Patience
14 – Navette [Louis Jucker & Io Baur] – Bateau Mouche
15 – Navette [Louis Jucker & Io Baur] – Mono Hobo
16 – Louis Jucker & Noyades – Replique V.2
17 – Prune Carmen Diaz & Louis Jucker – Foggy Mountains
18 – Louis Jucker & Louis Schild – Musik aus Uthlank 2/2

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