Cooler Harbinger Sound Sampler 2xLP zum Mitnehmpreis! Steve hat das Ding extra günstig gemacht, um dem Trend des künstlichen Verteuerns von Vinyl entgegen zu wirken.

“Includes new, unreleased or scarce material from bands and artists that Harbinger Sound works with in some capacity””

A1 –Toylettes Omi (Version)
A2 –Mark Wynn Michael Buble Slippers
A3 –Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life* Your Day Will Come
A4 –Sleaford Mods Fat Tax
A5 –Consumer Electronics And At Any Rate, It’s Already Too Late
B1 –Mark Durgan Singsong Generator
B2 –John Paul0 Sissy And Ada (Red Version)
B3 –Future Commuter Deliah No Deliah
B4 –Circuit Breaker Duplicate
B5 –Sudden Infant Father (Live)
C1 –Phil Julian Blanking
C2 –Pain Jerk Of Course They Fucking Do
C3 –Massicot Kokteilis
C4 –Pisse Drehtür
C5 –Karies Es Lachte
D1 –The Urinals* The Girl Before
D2 –Frustration The Drawback
D3 –The Lowest Form 5
D4 –Chaos U.K* Impose
D5 –Treriksröset Blurred Lines