Imagine you are standing on the golf course, scored one eagle and eleven holes in one. You turn around pay the fee get into your beat up car and drive away.
“S.W.I.M.” feels exactly like that and to tell you in advance, the evolution that DIE! DIE! DIE! is undergoing with their 5th album was foreseeable and fits the trio from Auckland, New Zealand perfectly.
They manage to destroy associations of insignificance and shallowness from the evil word pop and combine them thoroughly with their sound of shoe gazer and noise. This is why “S.W.I.M.” is an album searching for answers. Answers Zach Harper may have pursued too, who is pictured on the artwork by Mark Rutledge.
High speed pace, 90s Emo, Michael Logie’s grooving bass lines, Andrew Wilson’s flickering feedback, slightly boisterous vocals and over and over again Michael Prain’s driving drumming.
Disruption creates tension. Tension that is the charm of “S.W.I.M.” because DIE! DIE! DIE! is playing with all these impressions they absorbed during their collective efforts since 2003.

<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 100%; height: 120px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>SWIM by Die! Die! Die!</a></iframe>