DEAD YEARS play dark post-punk with a distinct 80s influence. The trio from Bielefeld, Germany, consists of Julia, Hannes and Jonas, who all played in other bands (Gloom Sleeper, Pointed, Ruins, Mayak, Shoyu Squad) before combining their talents in DEAD YEARS and releasing a successful debut album in 2022.

The sound of DEAD YEARS is characterised by playful guitar riffs, intense alternating vocals and driving drums. Inspired by bands such as The Wipers, X, Masshysteri, Feral Trash and Hysterese, DEAD YEARS share their raw energy and dark aura. Yet, DEAD YEARS never sound like plagiarists, but always like their own version of depri-punk for the here and now. In this way DEAD YEARS effortlessly create a pull and intoxication that hypnotically attracts and embraces the listener. But it’s never just about the music: their lyrics reinforce the melancholy of their sound, never too bold but always introspective. They deal with self-doubt, social anxieties and the daily struggle to find one’s way in an alienated world.

In a dark world, DEAD YEARS’ music offers a way out, forcing us through the aberrations of our thoughts and feelings. Music for when a dark world dies and an even darker world arises. DEAD YEARS are a positive band for this very reason, touring tirelessly and regularly leaving behind happy faces and new fans.

Two years after their debut, DEAD YEARS present “Night Thoughts”, a haunting concept album about the night, its thought circles and the search for ways out. The lyrics describe emptiness, being haunted, being lost. But all is not lost: the title track and album closer is a concentration of the previous 30 minutes, allowing the darkness to enter and ending the album on a positive note.

Musically, the songs have become more compact, the post-punk gains atmosphere through a more 80s-like sound. In this way, DEAD YEARS provide an urgent soundtrack to reality, for those who don’t want to escape it.

DEAD YEARS corroborate their strong debut with Night Thoughts and are one of the most exciting post-punk bands of our time.

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