The Ceramic Hobs are the band in the corner of the old man’s pub round the back of the venue getting drunk before they either: a.) slay your senses with a mind boggling set of punk inspired psychedelia or, b.) fall over screaming and fighting. They make The Fall look as stable as U2 and the Butthole Surfers as mainstream as R.E.M. The band is from Blackpool and they’ve been going since 1985. This double-LP retrospective of the North of England’s most unique, overlooked, and long-lasting underground band spans 25 years of recordings, with tracks taken from numerous releases carefully selected and sequenced by Philip Best (Consumer Electronics), ergot trip front cover art from John Godbert (Vibracathedral Orchestra), gatefold bad-vibe intricate line drawing from Darren Brian Adcock and a twelve-page booklet featuring an extended interview/essay by Chris Sienko and a band family tree.

Rock music but with voodoo curse words, twisting spiralling synths and guitars, overloaded samples: the sound of impending mental collapse overpowering the unwary listener.

Side A:
1. 33 Trapped Chilean Miners
2. Shaolin Master
3. Irish Jew
4. Does He Take Sugar ?
5. 50 Shades Of Snuff
6. Pro Ana Tips N’ Tricks

Side B:
7. This Sore & Broken Blackpool Legacy
8. Wife Swapping Party
9. The Prowler
10. Blackpool Transport
11. Safe To Heaven

Side C:
12. Cup Cakes
13. Amateur Cops
14. M61
15. Hey St Jude
16. Hardhorn Blues
17. All Psychiatrists Are Bastards
18. Flower

Side D:
19. Oz Oz Alice
20. Prisoner Cell Block H Theme
21. You Don’t Want To Hear This Voice
22. St. Petersburg Series
23. Catholic Monochrome Holocaust
24. Psychiatric Underground