” If you find yourself thinking ‘I’ve never heard of this band before‘ you are most likely correct. A band born from the ashes of Orbit the EarthWire Love are looking to elevate the intensity of the post-hardcore scene in Germany. They do so by bringing massive amounts of groove with just the right amount of technicality interspersed. Their style results in an extremely energetic and high-pressure aural experience that could draw similarities to acts like Botch.

The production is crisp and very well-layered, thanks to the skillful handling at The Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg. The mix is very clear, but there is an edge to it that maintains a semblance of the genre’s classic abrasiveness. It is a powerful and massive sonic assault, one in which there is still enough breathing room for layers of atmosphere and conscious song structure to break through. Wire Love are looking to put the post-hardcore scene on its toes, and this album has the potential to do just that.

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Wire Love forming from the ending of other music groups is really almost ironic, as Leave The Bones is an album that explores life and how daunting picking up the pieces of broken things can sometimes be. Julian De Manos of the band had this to say on the album-

Life can be daunting, even frightening. Sometimes you’re feeling like picking up the pieces of your existence, trying to put them back together just to realize the fixed mosaic looks kind of grotesque. It feels like you have lost yourself. It’s a terrible state of mind and “Leave The Bones“ kind of deals with that. It’s about realizing that things are ultimate, that nothing is certain. It’s terrifying, but it’s the way it is. „Long live the burial ground. Deep down I know I’m safe and sound.“ Dealing with that is a real challenge for me and if there’s one big topic the record is dedicated to, this would be it.


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