Hohoho und frohe Weihnachten gehabt zu haben…

alle sollten sich sofort selbst mit der neuen The Great Beyond beschenken – das ist an sich ein Befehl, von ganz oben. Also anstatt so einen Mist wie Greta Van Fleet zu hören. Just sayin’

“Finally. New food for 70s and Classic Rock fans! After the celebrated TCM debut EP „A Better Place“ last year, The Great Beyond from Münster are preparing for the band’s first self-proclaimed longplayer.

Once again, the guys unpack a lot of great guitar sounds, which were all arrested somewhere in the 70s. But overall the songs gain more facets than their predecessor EP. If „A Better Place“ was the stylish, but reservedly relaxed guy in a vintage shirt, the Full Length colleague might be the best buddy with a fringe jacket and an enormous thirst for beer. The subtle thunderstorms have stayed and the sound is still vintage soaked, but the whole thing changes now more than ever with parts that move forward with a wild hard rock feeling, always on the thin line between the powerful Queens Of the Stone Age and the casual playfulness of their classic rock colleagues Heat or Kadavar. Fans of the TCM-Doom outfit Mountain Witch should also try it, because of the fantastic 70s flair and the fast and convincing riffs.”