Vincent Sannier Death Set Live Pic

Oi Peeps,

great news in this dark times! The Power-Duo The Death Set will join the TCM troops and release their new record How To Tune A Parrot next spring!


Here’s what the band says:

“Good peoples,
We honed our band playing sweaty Baltimore and Brooklyn warehouses, and somehow it took us to festival stages across the world many times over. But the sweaty warehouse is the spirit of The Death Set, and for our third album, How To Tune a Parrot, we kept that intention at the forefront of our hearts.
This record is for the ones losing their shit up front. Salute.
Fuck 2020. New album drops Spring 2021!
Cobraside (USA)
This Charming Man (Europe)
Niw! (Japan)
Just Isn’t Music (Publishing)
European tour to follow!! Let’s get it. x “