This is St. Louis own Voight Kampff debut sametitled LP – Alot of bands are playing a style of punk that could be referred to as “dark” or “brooding”, which means one needs to be either really good or really bad at it to make some kind of mark. Average just causes a band to get lost in the shuffle. Voight-Kampff play punk in that style and they do it really, really well. The beat is super solid and works towards the momentum of each song. The guitars are meandering and kind of distant…. lurking at times until you realize that they are playing a hook that gets buried in your brain. The vocals are definitely dark and brooding, but they’re also defiant, strong and effective. I can’t resist a comparison to the late great Observers, but Voight-Kampff are something else entirely. At 7 songs this LP is absolutely all killer, no filler. Recommended.

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