Sport – Discography 3col.LP+7″ (Adagio)


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Right on time for SPORTs last tour comes the limited Sport Discography as a coloured 3LP + 7″ . thats all what they’ve ever recorded recorded.

Demo 2011

Colors 2012

Bon Voyage 2014

Slow 2016

Sport are the kind of band that play upbeat jams about feeling down, and do so with a fun-loving conviction. They mesh the noodly guitar work of bands like Snowing and Algernon Cadwallader with the raw energy and catchiness of Spraynard and RVIVR. I cannot recommend this band enough. They click right from the get-go and would definitely appeal to a lot of people who frequent this blog. So don’t sleep on this any longer, grab these two indie-punk masterpieces. Without a doubt this is some of the best output the genre’s seen in the last few years, and I can never tire of giving them a listen.“

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