It’s been about ten years since I first discovered Spells when I picked up one of their 7″s on a lark while buying an LP by Hooper. In those intervening years, Spells have unleashed a torrent of releases. A couple of full lengths, yeah – but their bread and butter, to me, feels like singles and one offs. Loose Change, Vol.2 compiles eighteen songs that had previously been available on singles, splits, comps and some that were digital only. That’s a lot of songs, and I’d like to point out that this is the second volume of Loose Change. Vol. 1 just came out in 2018.

For a band as prolific as Spells, there’s sort of a little trepidation. Is a band releasing this much material just recording every idea, noise and fart that they can think of? Which is why it is always so surprising to me how high the quality of all of their songs are. Everything on this LP is really great. There a a few really short songs, but there are no throwaways on this edition of Loose Change.

I always compare Spells to having a similar vibe to Rocket From The Crypt. That’s not to say they sound alike, because they don’t most of the time. But, they are a band that exudes that same sort of infectious energy and every time the next song fires up, it’s a party. I’m always psyched when a new Spells record is released, and even though I’ve heard some of these songs before, having everything put on a single LP just makes my life so much easier. It’s a blast to be able to throw this LP on, sit back and join the Spells party.

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