“It’s not rare to find modern day bands inspired by that golden era of late 1960s and early 1970s Krautrock luminaries. Cosmopolitan cities like San Francisco and Brooklyn are rife with musicians tangled in the patch cords of yesteryear’s analog synth wizardry. There was even a time in the early 2000s when it was common to stumble upon a group of young, hip, ding-dongs decked out in red shirts and black ties, a-la Kraftwerk’s 1978 opus The Man-Machine.

Oakland, California quartet Planes Of Satori is not one of those bands. Sure, they’re largely informed by the rhythmic repetitions and mechanical mantras of what was happening in Germany during the late 1960s. But listen to their impressive debut album for Who Can You Trust? Records and you’ll understand why the band refers to their sound as “psychedelic Afro-Kraut”. They’re also equally steeped in the soulful grooves of Ethiopian jazz as well as the Zambian psych-punk of bands like Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Dahomey and Witch (We Intend To Cause Havoc).

Not since Can’s Damo Suzuki has a frontman sounded as dangerously unpredictable as Alejandro Magaña. Raze Regal is one of those guitar players whose skills are so otherworldly; he’s always getting sweated by local musicians to join more bands. At its foundation, Planes Of Satori boast a well-oiled rhythm section so equally tight and loose, they could very well lure Ginger Baker out of his misanthropic kingdom.” – Eric Shea, Hot Lunch

Including members of Golden Void and Parchman Farm, Voices and Cousins.

"Planes of Satori" by PLANES OF SATORI