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Toxic Shock – TwentyLastCentury LP/CD/digital

Holy Moly – this is a neckbreaker. Known from several quality releases (split with Iron Reagan) the belgium powerhouse Toxic Shock pushed their boundaries once again. No compromises! And so they went to bed with the godfather of metal producing Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica & Co.) to get things right for Twentylastcentury. They combine all good things of end of the 80s with good old hardcore like Suicial Tendencies did on their first two records. So you have Flanger Intros, loco-whispering, furious moshparts, fast circle pit parts. The LA-Mentality of late 80s Venice Beach. So if you dig razorsharp Guitars and cool groovy mosher like Leeway did you will did this 100% – Gangshouts, aggressive basslines, crazy leads and a fitting singer makes this a must have for all crossover maniacs out there. Listen to Toxic Shock and you will not bail the mctwist anymore – Promised!

Rock Tribune (BE) — 8/10

“One of the most energetic livebands from Belgium is back with a second album. Some nicely blended Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies influences here and a lot of own input… We’re happy with this album, it will get the name Toxic Shock out there even more.”

Metal Sucks (USA)

“You should still be totally stoked on Twentylastcentury. Why? Because it’s one of 2017’s best thrash releases, that’s why. It was produced by Flemming Rasmussen, which gives you some idea of what the record has in store for you.“

Grizzly Butts (USA)

“Toxic Shock don’t just piss out random hardcore riffs and throw in a few metal solos and call it an album, these guys have an edge on just about every other band out there today with their songwriting ability. The true test of any punk rock or heavy metal combination isn’t getting the sound or production right, it is straight up songwriting and these guys are amazing. The quality of ‘Twentylastcentury’ never dips or fucks up across 38 minutes, in fact the amount of variety and personality on display makes it hard to believe this isn’t lifted directly from 1987.”


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TCM Surprise Pakete für Vinyl und CD

5x VINYL SURPRISE PAKET: ihr könnt zwischen zwei Paketen aussuchen, dem „soften“ und dem „harten“ Sound. Ihr bekommt 5 neue Platten zum Superpreis von 24,90 – lasst euch überraschen.


15x CD SURPRISE PAKET: wählt einfach unter folgenden CD euer 10 Wunsch-CD aus & schreibt Eure Wünsche in das Kommentarfeld! Ihr bekommt auf jeden Fall 10 der gewünschten CDs plus 5 Cds unserer Wahl!

choose 10 CDs from the list below – add the 10 names to the comment field while ordering and we add 5 Cds our choice to the package!

Heat – Labyrinth CD

Heads. – s/t CD

Karies – Es geht sich aus CD

Wolf Mountains CD

White Wine – Who Cares CD

Sex Jams CD

Demon Head – Ride The Wilderness CD

Travelin Jack CD

Mountain Witch – Burning CD

Space Chaser – Dead Sun CD

Space Chaser – Watch CD

Hey Ruin – Iregndwas CD

Hey Ruin – Poly CD

Toxic Shock – 20last CD

Freiburg – Brief CD

AND – Aeternus CD

Nuage & das Bassorchetser CD

Goodbye Fairground CD

Karies – Seid Umschlungen CD

Night Shirts – Live from… CD

See Through Dresses – s/t CD

The Moth – and then rise CD

Trainwreck – Old Departures CD

The Tidal Sleep – Vorstellungskraft CD

Warm Graves – Ships will come CD

Messer – Im Schwindel CD

Messer – Unsichtbaren CD

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Insanity Alert – 666-pack LP/CD plus 2 Special Deal

Zusätzlich zu der neuen Insanity Alert kannst du dir 2 weiter TCM-THRASH Klassiker aussuchen!!! Zur Wahl stehen:


Space Chaser – Dead Sun Rising LP/CD

Antipeewee – Infected By Evil LP/CD

Pripjat – Sons Of Tschernobyl LP/CD

Toxic Shock – 20last Century LP/CD

Insanity Alert – Moshburger LP/CD

Bitte gebt Eure Wunsch LPs im Kommentarfeld an! Please note your 2 wish titles at the end of the order in our comment box



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