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See Through Dresses – s/t LP/CD

See Through Dresses released their debut self-titled LP in November of 2013. Principal songwriters Mathew Carroll and Sara Bertuldo (which was part of Tim Kashers latest Album “Adult Film” and did the whole US-Tour), along with drummer Nate Van Fleet, have crafted a catalogue of songs indebted to classic post-punk and new wave artists of the 80′s, but their sonic footprint more closely resembles the textural treatments of 90′s dream-pop and shoegaze. The arrangements often build as though to erupt, only to implode.

There are moments when Bertuldo and Carroll sound noxious and distant, their voices doused in reverb, their guitars droning and pulsing. When the clouds look dark, See Through Dresses offer flashes of pure pop sunshine to punctuate those moments of isolation and distance. At their most hopeful, they remind us of the simplicity of longing and the eagerness that accompanies an expectation for love in a loveless culture. At their most honest, See Through Dresses portray a dull terror born of idleness, sickness, and failure. The result is a well-rounded catalogue that disillusions as it comforts and soothes as it burns by injecting the familiarity of music-gone-by with lyrics about regrettable psychologies – it’s a total bummer that’s still fun to listen to.

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TCM Surprise Pakete für Vinyl und CD

5x VINYL SURPRISE PAKET: ihr könnt zwischen zwei Paketen aussuchen, dem “soften” und dem “harten” Sound. Ihr bekommt 5 neue Platten zum Superpreis von 24,90 – lasst euch überraschen. (Das Produktbild ist ein Beispielbild!)


15x CD SURPRISE PAKET: wählt einfach unter folgenden CD euer 10 Wunsch-CD aus & schreibt Eure Wünsche in das Kommentarfeld! Ihr bekommt auf jeden Fall 10 der gewünschten CDs plus 5 Cds unserer Wahl!

choose 10 CDs from the list below – add the 10 names to the comment field while ordering and we add 5 Cds our choice to the package!

Heat – Labyrinth CD

Heads. – s/t CD

Karies – Es geht sich aus CD

Wolf Mountains CD

White Wine – Who Cares CD

Sex Jams CD

Demon Head – Ride The Wilderness CD

Travelin Jack CD

Mountain Witch – Burning CD

Space Chaser – Dead Sun CD

Hey Ruin – IrgEndwas CD

Hey Ruin – Poly CD

Toxic Shock – 20last CD

Freiburg – Brief CD

AND – Aeternus CD

Nuage & das Bassorchetser CD

Goodbye Fairground CD

Karies – Seid Umschlungen CD

Night Shirts – Live from… CD

See Through Dresses – s/t CD

The Moth – and then rise CD

Trainwreck – Old Departures CD

The Tidal Sleep – Vorstellungskraft CD

Warm Graves – Ships will come CD


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