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Happy birthday to me

Antipeewee – Buried (No Way Out)
Blckwvs – 0165
Caffeine – Under Hooves
Clowns – Freezing In The Sun
Criminal Body – Melting Butter Session (Live At RAMA)
Euternase – Schlangenmuster
Gewalt – Guter Junge
Heads. – Smile
Hysterese – Echo
Karies – Pebbo
Krank – Ziesel
Nightfyre – From Fortune To Ruin
Nuage & Das Bassorchester – Es Lohnt
Pripjat – Nuclear Chainsaw
Space Chaser – Tied Down
The Great Beyond – Out Of Time
The Tidal Sleep – Endings
Wire Love – Luminance Forever



Angst Vorm Amt

Toxic Shock – Iceberg
Heat- Burden
The Tidal Sleep – Wreckages
Bask – A Graceless Shuffle
Hysterese – Fortune
BLCKWVS – 0162 (Demo)
Clowns – Like A Knife At A Gunfight
Hey Ruin – Ram
Wolf Mountains – Vacation
Great Beyond – Empty Grail
Sex Jams – Prudence
Kosmonovski – Wut
Krank – Zapfenstreich
Herrensex – Angst Vorm Amt
The Moth – Jupiter






Loving Devotion

The Moth – Awaiting
Travelin Jack – Child Of Misery
Demon Head – More Clarity
Heat – Labyrinth
Karies – Kariman
Heads. – A Mural
See Through Dresses – When Summers End
The Tidal Sleep – Valley Dweller
Bask – Land Of The Sky
Sex Jams – Prayer
Fjort – Von Welt
Orbit The Earth – Firmament
Warm Graves – Ravachol
Space Chaser – Skate Metal Punx

Abest – Grau   




Getting Sick Again

Warm Graves – Ravachol
Trainwreck – Summarized Existence
The Tidal Sleep – Thrive And Wither
Night Shirts – Spring Break
Fjørt – Von Welt
See Through Dresses – When Summer Ends
Space Chaser – Thrashold
Karies – Kariman
Heat – Siamese Smile
Sex Jams – Prayer
Mountain Witch – Snake Wand (vocal)







A This Charming Man Radio Distortion Broadcast

Abest – Shiver
Space Chaser – Thrashold
Night Shirts – Lentus, Altus, Brevis
Fjort – Vahalla
Karies – Kariman
Die Nerven – Eine Minute schweben
















The Natives Are Restless 

Orbit The Earth – Conversation rotten 
Messer – Was man sich selbst…
Wall – Beyond
Centuries – Gelidus
Nothing – Young Punx
Modern Pets – Excessive
Das Ende – Schirmköter
Black Sleep Of Kali – Cosmonaut
The Lost Rivers – Death of eve
Union Of Sleep – The beautiful end…
Die Nerven – Der letzte Tanzende
BLCKWVS – 0154 
The Tidal Sleep – Frozen mouth
NOEM – Ghost
Freiburg – Das Verhör

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